The West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society was established in 2001 to develop, promote and maintain best practices for protecting and sustaining wild Pacific salmon stocks. A registered non-profit, the society has approximately 200 members.

Our aim is to protect and help restore local fish and other aquatic stocks by fostering and coordinating environmental stewardship among public, corporate and private stakeholders.

As a volunteer-based organization, our members are actively engaged in streamkeeping projects and work programs in the 22 creeks and tributaries in the District of West Vancouver. We also manage a fish hatchery, producing approximately 180,000 coho and chum fry each year that we stock in local streams.

Directors and officers
John Barker, President
Mike Perley, Vice-President and Secretary
Bill McAllister, Treasurer
Bill Chapman
Elizabeth Hardy
Don Harrison
Liz Leduc
Dave Martin
Keith Pelletier
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