Hatchery Reports

2015 report

Our chum eggs arrived early this year. On December 14, 2014 we received 100,232 eyed chum eggs from the Alouette Hatchery. The eggs hatched to alevin on January 16. The mortality rate was just over 1%.

The alevin buttoned and were ponded to outdoor troughs on March 7. Hatchery workers fed the fry once a day and removed a small number of dead fry. The fry were released on April 17, divided between McDonald and Rodgers creeks. At the time of release, the fry weighed one gram.

Approximately 30,000 eyed coho eggs arrived on February 12. About 0.5% of the eggs died and were removed. The eggs hatched on March 13. The alevin had absorbed their yolk sacks and were ponded to outdoor troughs on April 20, just after the troughs were vacated by the chum.

Hatchery volunteers fed the coho fry daily for about six weeks. The fry were released on June 2 to Hadden, Eagle, Nelson, Larson, Rodgers, McDonald, Lawson and West Brothers creeks. They weighed 1.3 grams on average at that point.

An additional 1,000 coho smolts from the Capilano Hatchery were released to McDonald Creek at Memorial Park on April 25 during the annual Adopt-a-Fish community event.

Fry release report 2015.

2014 report

Our hatchery received about 120,000 eyed chum eggs from the Tenderfoot Hatchery in early 2014. Before hatching at the end of January, the eggs experienced an excellent mortality rate of around 1%. The chum were ponded (moved from the incubation trays inside the hatchery to the troughs outside) at the end of March. They were released into Rodgers and McDonald creeks on April 24 weighing about 0.7 grams each.

Approximately 40,000 eyed coho eggs from the Capilano River Hatchery arrived in early February. The mortality rate was about 4.5%. The eggs hatched on March 24 and were ponded on May 2. The fry were released into Wood Creek at Parc Verdun on May 26 and into Hadden Creek at the Capilano Golf Course on May 29.

Streamkeeper volunteers released of the rest of the coho on June 11 into Eagle, Nelson, Larson, Caulfield, Willow, Cypress, Rodgers, McDonald, Lawson, and West Brothers creeks. The fry weighed a healthy 1.3 grams at release.

Fry release report 2014

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