Brothers Creek

Area: 5.63 km2
Length: 6.9 km
Orientation: Northwest-southeast
Elevation range: 10 – 1060 m


  • Third largest watershed in West Vancouver.
  • Originates on southeast side of Hollyburn Ridge and includes several small lakes, wetlands and tributaries in the headwaters.
  • Flows through forested mountainside before entering the northwest corner of the British Properties. Passes under the Upper Levels Highway, through Cedardale residential area before discharging into the Capilano River upstream of Marine Drive. Main tributaries are West Brothers Creek, Hadden Creek and Macbeth Creek.
  • Culverts: Flows openly from Taylor Way to the Capilano River. 

Watershed uses

  • Residential: from Millstream Road to Capilano River, a distance of approximately 3.5 kilometres
  • Commercial: office buildings near junction with Capilano River
  • Parks: Cypress Provincial Park, Brothers Creek Park, Chartwell Park
  • Recreational: Cypress Mountain cross-country ski area in headwaters, Capilano Golf Club, Hollyburn Country Club
  • Schools: Westcot Elementary, Ecole Cedardale, Saint Anthony’s, Sentinel Secondary
  • Fish: chum, coho, pink and chinook salmon, and cutthroat, steelhead and rainbow trout

Watershed Projects

  • Fishway or culvert baffles installed on West Brothers Creek, Westcot Creek tributary, Hadden Creek, Macbeth Creek tributary and Brothers Creek under the Upper Levels Highway (1997-1998)
  • Annual spawner salmon surveys (since 1997) and releases of hatchery fry
  • Environmental study of Brothers, West Brothers and Hadden creeks (1997)
  • Biophysical inventory and assessment (1980-1994)
  • Drainage system inventory (1998)

Updated 2015. Source: Pacific Streamkeepers Federation watershed profile (2001)