Eagle Creek

Area: 3.8 km2
Length: 2.21 km
Orientation: Northeast-southwest
Elevation Range: 0 – 460 m


  • Twelfth largest watershed in West Vancouver.
  • Originates on Black Mountain downslope from Eagle Lake.
  • Flows down forested mountainside, captured in a culvert under Westport Road, the Upper Levels Highway and Westport Wynd. Emerges to cross under Westport Road, flows past Daffodil Lane, under Marine Drive and parallel to Eagle Harbour Road before discharging into Eagle Harbour.

Watershed Use

  • Residential: approximately 140 houses in the watershed
  • Fish: chum and coho salmon to Westport Road, cutthroat trout throughout

Watershed Projects

  • Culvert under Marine Drive replaced with natural-bottom culvert to ease fish passage (2010)
  • Turnbuckle-style baffles installed in culvert near mouth of creek to improve fish access at Marine Drive and rock steps reworked at mouth (2000)
  • Diversion pipes installed from Eagle Lake to augment low summer flow (1999)
  • Annual spawner salmon surveys (since 1997)
  • Stream mapping by West Vancouver streamkeepers (1997)
  • Stocked with coho and chum fry (since 1991)
  • Series of drops and pools created at the mouth to improve access for salmon (1979)

Updated 2015. Source: Pacific Streamkeepers Federation watershed profile (2001)