Hadden Creek

Area: 2.7 km2
Length: 4.94 km
Orientation: North-south
Elevation range: 60 – 652 m


  • Sixth largest watershed in West Vancouver.
  • Originates on south-east side of Hollyburn Ridge above the British Properties.
  • Flows under several roads (Millstream, Crestline, Greenwood, St. Andrews, Kenwood, Southborough) before entering the Capilano Golf Club. Elveden Lake connects by a seasonal tributary. Two tributaries cross Southborough Drive north of the main stream and join south of the entrance to the golf club. Creek crosses under Hadden Drive, Stevens Drive and the Upper Levels Highway before entering Brothers Creek east of Taylor Way.

Watershed uses

  • Residential: from Millstream Road until joining Brothers Creek, a distance of approximately 2.5 kilometres
  • Parks: Hadden Park, Andover Park
  • Recreational: Capilano Golf Club
  • Fish: coho, chum, pink, chinook salmon and cutthroat trout, as well as crayfish

Watershed projects

  • Culvert with built-in baffles installed at Hadden Drive to eliminate impassable crossing for returning adult salmon (2015)
  • Annual spawner salmon surveys (since 2006)
  • Fish ladders installed on either side of Stevens Drive and culvert baffled, facilitating passage for salmon (2005)
  • Baffles installed in culvert under Upper Levels Highway (1997)
  • Creek bed re-naturalized – reshaped, bank replanted and pools created – over a length of 40 metres upstream of the Upper Levels Highway (1997)

Updated 2015. Source: Pacific Streamkeepers Federation watershed profile (2003)