Lawson Creek

Area: 2.43 km2
Length: 7.5 km
Orientation: North-south
Elevation range: 0 – 910 m

  • Seventh largest watershed in West Vancouver.
  • Originates on Hollyburn Ridge.
  • Flows down forested mountainside, through Blue Gentian Lake and other small lakes before emerging in the residential area at Pinecrest Drive. Continues under Chippendale Road and Camridge Road before being culverted under the Upper Levels Highway and Queens and Mathers avenues. Flows past West Vancouver Secondary and under Inglewood and Fulton avenues. Closed and open-box culverts carry the creek past Ambleside Village to Burrard Inlet west of John Lawson Park at the foot of 18th Street.

Watershed uses

  • Residential: from Pinecrest Drive to Burrard Inlet, a distance of approximately 2.8 kilometres
  • Commercial: Ambleside Village at Marine Drive
  • Parks: Cypress Provincial Park, Shields Dam Park, Douglas Woodward Park
  • Recreational: hiking trails, mountain biking
  • Fish: coho, chum and cutthroat trout
  • Deep artesian well at West Vancouver Secondary School

Watershed projects

  • Estuary enhanced through shoreline preservation work, creating defined creek path to the ocean and improving access for returning adult salmon through a broader range of tides (2007). Read more
  • Annual spawner salmon surveys (since 2006)
  • Baffles added to the continuous underground culvert running from the ocean to the weir adjacent to Royal Canadian Legion north of Marine Drive
  • Two fish ladders installed in above section, one underground and the other at upstream end

Updated 2015. Source: Pacific Streamkeepers Federation