Nelson Creek

Area: 5.1 km2
Length: 4.94 km
Orientation: Northeast-southwest
Elevation range: 0 – 1130 m

  • Second largest watershed in West Vancouver.
  • Originates on Black Mountain Plateau.
  • Flows down forested mountainside where it is joined by water from Dick Creek and Eagle Lake, Whyte Creek and Whyte Lake, and several small tributaries. Emerges in urban area at Cranley Drive, flows between Cranley Drive and Bluebell Drive, under Marine Drive and beside Telegraph Trail before discharging into Fisherman’s Cove at Thunderbird Marina.

Watershed uses

  • Residential: approximately 90 houses in the watershed
  • Fish hatchery: Nelson Creek Hatchery, built in 1991 about 300 metres upstream of Cranley Drive, raises chum and coho for West Vancouver creeks
  • Parks: Nelson Canyon Park, Whyte Lake Park
  • Water supply: Water is diverted to Eagle Lake from main stem and gathered from Dick Creek tributary for West Vancouver municipal water
  • Fish: coho and chum to Cranley Drive impasse, cutthroat throughout, steelhead to Marine Drive

Watershed projects

  • Baffles added to open box culvert at Marine Drive (2011)
  • Concrete fish jump pools added at creek mouth (2001)
  • Baffles installed in box culvert at Marine Drive (1999) and in the culvert at the creek mouth on Thunderbird Marina property (1997)
  • Annual spawner salmon surveys (since 1997)
  • Stream mapping by West Vancouver streamkeepers (1997)
  • Stocked with coho and chum (since 1991)
  • Series of drops and pools created with large boulders in the lower 100 metre section (1972)

Updated 2015.  Source: Pacific Streamkeepers Federation watershed profile (2001)