Wood Creek

Area: 1.0 km2
Length: 1.8 km
Orientation: Northeast-southwest
Elevation Range: 20 – 290 m


  • Fourteenth largest watershed in West Vancouver.
  • Originates in two branches: the west branch in Cypress Park Estates and the east branch on Caulfield Plateau. Branches merge near the Sahalee Trail at the CN Rail trestle.
  • Flows under Westport Road, past Eagle Harbour Primary School, under Marine Drive and through Parc Verdun. Creek then continues through 130 m of culvert before emerging to join Eagle Creek 140 m upstream of its mouth.
  • Watershed almost entirely within urban development.

Watershed uses

  • Residential: approximately 535 houses
  • Commercial: Caufeild Shopping Centre
  • Schools: Rockridge Secondary, Eagle Harbour Primary
  • Recreational: Sahalee Trail and others, Parc Verdun, Woodburn Park
  • Fish: coho and chum primarily and pink salmon rarely in lower reaches, cutthroat trout to Westport Road

Watershed projects

  • Boulder clusters added to break up flow over a length of 50 metres downstream from Marine Drive (2013)
  • Baffles added to 130-metre culvert under Keith Road, allowing salmon to access habitat in Parc Verdun (2013)
  • Rain garden built and debris rack reworked in Parc Verdun
  • Annual spawner salmon surveys (since 1997)
  • Stream surveyed by West Vancouver streamkeepers (1997)
  • Stocked with coho and, occasionally, chum fry (since 1996)

Updated 2015. Source: Pacific Streamkeepers Federation watershed profile (2001)