School Programs

Elementary Schools

Storm-drain marking. We organize and lead storm-drain marking programs for elementary school children, working with two schools in the spring and two in the fall each year. Under our guidance, the students paint yellow fish on roadways adjacent to storm drains to raise awareness of the impact of pollution. Students have marked more than 2,000 storm drains since the program began in 2008.

CreekTalk. This new program provides insights into creeks, fish, aquatic insects, vegetation and habitat to students in the classroom. We also guide students on field trips to streams and the ocean for hands-on learning.

Senior Secondary Schools

Spawner Salmon Surveys. We guide teams of senior secondary students on weekly spawner salmon surveys in the fall of each year. Each team completes one survey a week for seven weeks starting in mid-October. The students are members of the Environmental Protection Network at five local senior secondary schools.

Student representatives are invited to present survey findings to a regular West Vancouver Council meeting. Around 600 students have participated in this program since its inception in 2007.

Our program is endorsed by West Vancouver’s Board of School Trustees and Mayor and Council. Fisheries and Oceans Canada describes it as a unique partnership, bringing together good stewardship practices and education.

Other education and engagement opportunities include removing invasive plants, planting native species, cleaning up shorelines and creeks, and salmon egg-takes for our hatchery.

Spawner salmon survey results